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Christopher Paolini - A Short Biography | Inheritance Book 4

Christopher Paolini – A short Biography

by Patrick on July 30, 2010

With Christopher Paolini’s 4th book coming out, a yet to be name series finale, I figured it is time to write a little bit about the guy himself and not just his books.

Paolini was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Montana.  What an awesome city name!  He was home schooled all the way through his graduation from high school at age 15.  After graduating, Paolini began working on his first book, Eragon.  Like I am sure most of you are aware, Eragon is about a boy who finds a dragon egg and begins a journey to free the land of Alagesia from the evil overlord Galbatorix.

For this Eragon, Christopher Paolini created the cover art of the green dragon, Saphira, and the detailed map of Alagesia on the inside cover.  The book was published by his family under the company name, Paolini International LLC.  And the greatest part is that he toured over one hundred schools and libraries to promote the book all dressed in medieval garb.

I know I keep mentioning the book, but Paolini is a private guy and his books are the part of his life that he shares. Eragon put him on the New York Times Bestsellers list even.  His second book, Eldest was published in late 2005 and his third book, Brisingr, was published in late 2008.

To date, these three books have sold more that twenty million copies!  Can you believe that!  A boy writing a book at the age of 15, releases it at 19, and by the time he is 25 he has sold 20 million novels!

It is pretty awesome and inspiring.  So I hope you enjoyed this short biography of Christopher Paolini and his books.  Much of it you might have already known, but it is still interesting to recall how a young man rose to success.

By the way, since the fourth book has yet to have a release date set, if you want to get notified by email ass soon as Paolini announces it, enter your email address in the sidebar and I will send you and email the moment it happens.  See you next time, happy reading!

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Nateguy October 6, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Why did you say the cover art of Eragon is a green dragon? Isn’t Saphira blue?


admin October 7, 2010 at 11:56 pm

I meant of the fourth book, the cover will be green.


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